Best Strategy Games for Android 2016

There are literally tons of Android games in Play store for us to play and have some fun but among all the categories Strategy games have become so much popular. Strategy games makes you get addicted to it and makes you play again and again, that makes one of the most popular genre among other genre’s. And like any other Genre games, Strategy also has so big big titles competing head on head. So avoid the unwanted confusion to our reader, we have compiled a list of top 4 best strategy games for Android. So let’s get started.

Clash of Clans: 

Created by SuperCell, Clash of Clans is on of the top and most played Android for any Genre in Android. The game concept give you total control over your character that makes it get addicted to it. You will have to build your own kingdom and raise your army to build your profile. Defeating enemies land will fetch you gold coins though which you will have to upgrade the weaponry.

Game Size: 59 MB
Number of Installs: 500,000,000
Play store rating: 4.6

Clash Royale: 

Comes from same creators of Clash of clans, Clash Royale is yet another master piece game. Though it comes from same creators, the game concept is completely different and it is developed based on its story lines. In Clash Royale, you will have to destroy the enemies Arena towers with the cards aka weapons available in your deck which maximum can handle 8 at a time. The thing that ties you to the game is that in no way you feel that you are under someone else, its gives you full control over your Arena towers which you need to protect and at the same time destroy enemies.

Game Size: 87 MB
Number of Installs: 50,000,000
Play Store Rating: 4.5

Plants vs Zombies: 

EA Arts is quit familiar to all, their gaming line up is huge with some famous titles in their bag, comes yet another amazing game called the Plants vs Zombies. The people who come back after being dead are called as Zombies. Plants vs Zombies has won 30 game of the year awards making it the most played Android game. This game is all about saving your backyard from Zombies that try to invade your backyard plats. Though EA Arts released the Plants vs Zombies 2, we still prefer the first game as it is sole of the game.

Game Size: 61 MB
Number of Installs: 100,000,000
Play Store Rating: 4.4

The Walking Dead No Man's Land: 

Inspired from the infamous The Walking Dead TV series, comes the The Walking Dead No Man’s Land. Generally we calls the Zombies as Walking Dead, because they are already brain dead but come back to life. The concept of Walking dead is simple, you need to take cover and survive the Zombie attack. We started playing this game recently after all the fuss that is going on and mostly importantly we are big fans of The Walking Dead TV show. The graphics and the challenges are brilliantly designed. Surly worth giving a shot.

Game Size: 223 MB
Number of Installs: 5,000,000
Play Store Rating: 4.4

Download Mini militia For PC [WINDOWS XP/7/8/8.1]

When we talk about games for our smartphones, Android is the best platform where you can find tons of games and almost 80% of them are free to download and play. The Play store has tons of games and some of them are highly graphic intensive while some are basic games balancing the titles for both high-end smartphones and budget phones. One among such games we found ourselves playing more often than is Doodle Army: mini militia. The reason why we are so addicted to the game is that it is simple, fund, Multiplayer game with heavy weaponry and blasting. I mean who doesn’t like that kind of a game where you kill your enemy in order to survive, we know we like it and are pretty sure you guys will also start liking it once you start playing it.

Though we have no complains about the gaming experience further more, we wanted to expand the game further more so we thought of playing the same game on our PC. Trust us, PC gaming is no where near to mobile gaming just yet, it might i the future but not for now. So you guys excited to know how to play it on PC? Well stick to this guide.

  • Blue Stacks Software: Famous Android Emulator for Windows PC, easily available.
  • 1GB Ram: Your Laptop must have at least 1 GB of Ram to handle the operations.
  • Basic Graphics Support: Now that we are running a Game, your laptop must support or have graphic card for better gaming experience.
  • 500mb HDD: Although the game is less than 500MB, we need 500BM to install Blue stacks software and run apps on it.

Steps To Download and Play mini militia in your PC

  • Firstly download and install the Blue stacks in your PC. Blue stacks is a Android PC emulator that will allow you to run Android Apps on your Windows PC.
  • Once you are done installing the Blue stacks on your PC and installation time might take some time depending up on your internet and laptop processing speed. So hang in there.
  • Once the software is installed, just create a Google account if you don’t have one already after that login in to your Google play store and search for Doodle Army: mini militia and install it.
  • The download and install will take some time as we are installing it on windows PC android emulator it might some a while to complete. Once it is done installing, the interface will be adjusted to tablet mode for better graphic experience.
  • Once you are done downloading the App on your PC. Just start play and enjoy.
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That is how simple the processor of downloading the mini militia for PC is. Do note you can try method with any other Android Emulator but we prefer Blue stacks, because of its liability and stability. We hope this article helped you.

How to Clear Cache on Google Chrome and Firefox.

Internet is the place where you often find yourself exploring something more often than not, there is advantage here, you gain so much knowledge about the stuff happening in the world and stuff that had already happened. The things you search, explore via the internet will be done with a browser as a medium, be it Google Chrome, or be it Firefox or any other browser of that matter. The main objective is internet surfing, While there are no direct harm in it, but stuff happen in the background like cookie tracking, IP tracking that can be used against you to access your private data. There is an alternative for this, you can use the Incognito instead but that is not a reliable alternative because the website opened via Incognito wont get saved in the history so there is no way you can get it back if you want access it again in the future. Then what is the solution to this? Yes there is a solution for this problem. The solution we suggest you is just keep cleaning the Cache and your cookies once every week, by doing this you can easily stay out of any unwanted nu sense in form of cookie tracking. So in this article we will clearly explain to you guys how to clear Cache in Google Chrome and Mozilla fire fox browser.

Google Chrome: Google Chrome is the most easy and vulnerable to any type of Cookie tracking because if has many loop holes but like we said cookie tracking will help solve the problem. Follow the steps to know how to clear Cache in Google chrome.
Assuming that you have Google Chrome installed on your PC, Login to your Google Account so that it will be synced with Android.

Once you have logged into your Google account, the browser will show all your bookmarks, installed extensions and all of your settings. This means that you are searching on the web from your Google account and all the search history will be saved under your Account.

Now to clear the Cookies and Cache follow this, Open your Chrome browser, you can see menu button on the right most corner, click that.

And from the menu click the settings button you will find in the bottom. Once you click that a fresh tab will be opened with available settings. From that menu you can see an option called “clear browsing data” just tap on it, you can a list of options asking what to clear, just chose “Empty the Cache” from the list of options and wait for a while for the browser to clear the Cache memory. That’s it.

Clear Cache in Mozilla Firefox: This procedure is to clear the browsing data and cache on Mozilla Browser.
Fire up the Firefox web browser and click the orange color Firefox button found on the left most corner. From the list of options select options.
On selecting the options, a sub-menu will pop-down, chose options from that again.

Once you have choose the options, select Advanced in the next menu and then network.
In the network section you will finally find, “Cached web content” and a clear now button right next to it.

Click on Clear now button and wait for a while for the browser to clear the cache.

How to Runs Java Apps and Games on your Windows Machine

There were days when we used to use no-touch screen basic Java smartphones, admit it we all liked they way those phones used to makes us wonder back then. Those java phones used to come with Java store that had numerous games and apps just like we have play store now. Playing those games and using those apps was the first smartphone experience we had in those days. Slowly as the technology and time has evolved those phones have started , thanks to Google Android has slowly replaced the traditional Java based featured phones. Not that we are complaining, Technology should evolve and reach new heights, Today it is Android that replaced Java, tomorrow it will be something else.

Now our main moto to write this article is, we are avid fans of Java and its features apps and games we still want to use and have some fun time, but the support and proper environment is no longer available. If you are also a big fan of Java based applications and want to experience the golden days again, there is a way you can do that. Yes, With Java PC emulator you can still run Java based applications on your Windows based PC. It is a known fact that Windows cannot run Jar files by default so we shall take advantage of the Java emulator and runs the programs. So here goes the detailed steps wise explanation to Download and Run Java application on your PC.

Windows PC
512MB Ram
Java PC emulator

Steps to Run Java Applications:

1.Firstly for your PC to support Java Emulator, you must install Java Run Time Environment on your PC and to download that head over to Java main website or click here.

Now that you have installed the Run time environment on your PC, its time we download the Java Windows Emulator, so click here to download the genuine copy of the Emulator.

Once you are done downloading the Emulator on your windows PC, its time we extract the software from the Zip file. To do that we suggest you have winrar or 7Zip softwares which are quite easy and light.

After extracting the software from the Zip file, you can double click on the KEmulator icon from the same folder. In the Earlier version we had to go through a lot of trouble installing the software in C-Drive, linking the Java RE. But with the new version it is portable and no longer needs any installation. Just direct use.

This is where you now runs Apps, once you have opened the emulator, in the Midlet of the menu bar you find “load Jar”. We know it will be a little hard to find Jar files now a day, but we don’t you to go on searching for them. The Zip file you downloaded contains two games for you, one is angry birds and the other is Counter Terrorism. Load any of the game and have fun.

This is how you run Java based Apps and Games on your Windows PC. Simple and most reliable way. If you want to customize the Emulator, just click the view option in the same midlet menu and in the options you can tweaks size of the emulator, resolution, feature phone model, screen width/height and many more. Hope you have found this article helpful.

How to Download And Install Xender On PC [WINDOWS XP/ 7/ 8/ 8.1/ 10]

Though smartphones are slowly evolving to a level where they are starting to replace the traditional PC and laptops, but storage is one primary department where they still fall back. Yes you do get MicroSD card slots but once the storage is full you often find yourself deleting the stuff so that you can save new data. Apart from deleting you can also try saving a copy of that data in your PC for future use and to save it you need to transfer it first. There are tons of ways you can transfer the data to your Laptop, one primary method is via USB cable but who uses cables in today’s world where technology has evolved to a level where you no longer need them. There are many softwares that take advantage of the WiFi direct feature and transfer the data to your phone or vice versa. One such tool we found really impressive is Xender, created by is of the best tool we’ve come across lately and that prompted us to write this article for you guys.

Xender creates a Private WiFi network within the connected devices and once they are connected you can transfer anything via the tool. This is how Xender works basically. So let’s get started with our article on how to download and install Xender on your PC.

There are two ways to use Xender on your PC, both are easy and most reliable methods.

How to download xender for pc or laptop


First method is by using Xender web application, Yes Xender still doesn’t have their own PC software instead they have much lighter web applications which does the job for you. And to use the Xender web application, firstly you must have their Android app in your smartphone once you have downloaded the application, go to settings from the menu and then chose “Connect to PC” then you will be prompted to scan the QR code via your smartphone camera, just scan it on Xender web main page. That’s it you are now connected and you can start transferring.


1. Second method is by making use of Android PC emulators such as Blue stacks, Andy, YouWave, etc. Though not all of the listed tools are free, but few of them are.

2. So find the Blue stacks software which is quite popular so we guess you wont be having trouble finding it. Once you have the copy of the software with you just install it on your PC with Admin rights so that you won’t face any permission errors.

3. Installing the software is also quite easy, just follow on screen instructions and depending on your internet speed the software will install quickly.

4. Once you are done installing, login to your Google Play account from Play store. After that, download the Xender App via the Play Store, wait for a while to install.

5. Once it is installed the user experience will be quite familiar as it just looks and feels the same way as it did on your Android smartphone.

6. When you are on the home screen just pair it with your android phone and start the transfer process.

7. Turn on your WiFi in your phone and on your smartphone so that it will create a private network allowing you to transfer the data between your phone and PC. As Simple as that. This process is the same in any Android PC emulator.

Hope you have found this article useful, these steps are most reliable and convenient steps to transfer stuff from your PC and Mobile. Do let us know your thoughts.

How to Delete Wechat account Permanently?

There are tons of Free messaging apps available for Android and iOS platforms and currently WhatsApp is proudly enjoying the thrown and next to it comes the WeChat, though it doesn't have the amount of users as WhatsApp has, but still it is one of the top free messaging App that most of us use it as a WhatsApp alternative. Though WeChat is not an Indian company, it still has good amount of following in the tech community and among the masses. I mean common do we need a special introduction for WeChat? It is popular and boats some interesting features and in fact it also supports free voice calling feature and many more to come in near future.
So Let’s get to the point now, although WeChat doesn’t spam your smartphone with unwanted notifications or might turn annoying you just want to completely come out of WeChat, or not many of your friends use it so you decided to delete wechat account which is not as simple as just uninstalling the app from your phone because your account will still exist even though you remove the app from your phone. The following guide will guide you the process of deleting your WeChat account.

Steps to Delete WeChat Account:

1. Login: Firstly, login to your WeChat account assuming that you have an active account or in case you forgot your account password just follow the standard procedure and create a new password and login.
2. Clear Chat: After logging in, go to app settings and clear all the chat history, you can find the “Clear Chat History” button just click it , it will remove all the chats.
3. Unlink the Linked accounts: Once you cleared all the chats unlink all the third party accounts that you might have linked with WeChat. By third party accounts, we mean Facebook, Linkedln, etc. Do remeber not to unlink your main Email ID from WeChat just yet, we still need to send a request to WeChat about Account Cancellation. You can find all the linked accounts list in “My Account” section in the main settings.
4. Send Cancellation Request: Once you have cleared the chat and unlinked third party accounts from WeChat, sending a cancellation request to WeChat will delete your account completely. But how to send a request? Here you go. There is no direct process to remove the account instead you can use the contact us form and send a request to WeChat team to deactivate your account permanently. Just add few word in the contact page about your request and the WeChat team will process your request, and now you can finally uninstall the app from your phone.

WeChat isn’t like WhatsApp the process is pretty big so have to be patient enough to delete the account but its a simple process, you wont be getting any replies from WeChat asking for reasons to go out of it so that makes it easy. Hope you found this article helpful.

5 Best Free Deer Hunting Games For Android & iOS 2016

Android and iOS have rich environment for gaming with tons of games that are already available and tons of new games that are making their way in to the app store. Be it Multiplayer game, Racing game, or any game for that matter you can find it and have fun with it. Among all the genre of games that we have, off lately we are finding growing craze for hunting games for iOS and android and there are literally tons of games in the play store which makes it kind of tough to decides the best deer hunting games for android, so we thought wed help you chose the best and free deer hunting games, yes we will list out the hunting games free to download and play in you iOS and Android smartphones.

1. Deer Hunter 2014 game (free): 


Deer hunter needs no special introduction now, The game is created by Glu studios is without a doubt one of the best deer hunting game that is available for Apple and Android devices. Deer hunter opens its gate to 100s of unknown and new species that you can hunt down and earn rewards.


From the creators of Deer Hunter comes yet another masterpiece, the Deer Hunter Reloaded. The DHR is an improved version of its predecessor with visually stunning graphics and X-Ray mode that gives perfect aim while hunting down. The environment is now improved with better quality textures that gives the game the required boost and attention.

3. Dino Hunter:

Deadly Shores: Dino Hunting is yet another addictive game that we found ourselves playing off lately. The game features exotic new locations that keeps to engaged to the game no matter what, the guns, ammo only makes the thing better that it already is. The graphics and sound composing is one of the best part of the game. The game unlocks several new Jurassic locations allowing you to explore and kill the creature with sexy weapons like Rocket launcher and Cross bow.

4. Wind Hunter 3D: 

Hunting wild life animals by slowly approaching them, then aiming at them and shooting is tab bit old tradition now. The Wild Hunter 3D will allow you to board vehicles and hunt animals on the Go, this interesting approach of game play caught our eye and ended up being in the best hunting games for Android list. The game totally has over 200 missions with real world weapons to use while taking down the wild life. Wont say a masterpiece game, but truly addictive and worth a shot.

5. Zombie Hunter Apocalypse: 

Animal hunting is fun, but too much hunting makes it boring so for a change here’s a game where you need to take down the walking dead. The Zombie Hunter Apocalypse is a game that creates 3D environment that is scary and at the same time realistic. The game has over 250+ mission where-in you use the latest weapons and strategies to take